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What is the Walmart gift card?

Walmart's gift card is the digital card or can say the digital mode of payment for those who don’t own any credit card. If you are out of cash, but you want to buy some household items such as groceries, then you need something urgent as you can not depend on anyone.

However, if you have some Walmart gift cards, then no matter how broke are you, you still can buy anything you want, but the amount should be matched with the amount you have in your gift card. It is also used in gifting purposes, but most people use it for their own.

How to earn free Walmart gift card using CouponPrizes?

Who doesn’t like free groceries? Grocery is something that everyone needs every month, and if they get it for free of cost, nothing could be better than this.

You will get it only if you earn some Walmart gift card with us, and for this, you have to play some games with us. Yes, you have to complete some games with us, which will be part of our tasks, and after you complete every game, you will get some points, and those points will help you in redeeming the gift card.

Indeed, this is a very good way to earn cards.

walmart Card

General Questions

Walmart is a store that is mainly famous for groceries. The store is successfully running for many years in many countries. The store basically deals with all kinds of household items. Be it your monthly storage of food or your kitchen appliances, everything will be sold here, and they have many offline stores in many countries.

To use Walmart gift cards, you need to visit any country where you can easily find some Walmart stores. If you are already living in such a country, then you don’t have to worry at all. All you need to do is visit a store nearby and buy some items from the store. When you have to pay for it, offer your gift card.


Walmart deals in many products, and every price will vary a bit from each other. But since people come here to buy their monthly groceries from the store, the budget has to be big enough, and hence, you do not need to worry if you have a gift card.


The validity will be clearly mentioned in the email where you will receive the gift card. You don’t have to worry as you will have enough time to use the gift card.


To redeem the card, you can either visit their official website and enter the card details like the mode of payment in the checkout page or else you can visit any store which is near you, and you can offer them the Walmart gift card as the mode of payment.


The amount will be depending on the points you have given at the time of buying the Walmart gift card from us.

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