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What is a Staples gift card?

The Staples gift card is a savior who will help you in buying your office supplies like furniture and other such things you require in your office when you don’t have your credit card.

Mostly while making the budget, people usually buy the Staples gift card in advance, and then after using it, you don’t have to spend money while purchasing it because you already have purchased the gift cards in advance and then you don’t need to pay at the time.

Such cards are handy because it will give you safety, too, and you do not need the credit card anymore. Every gift card will have some amount in it, which you can redeem for buying the furniture for your office.

How to earn free Staples gift card using CouponPrizes?

How would you feel if we say that you can earn the Staples gift cards by literally playing games?

You must be thinking that we are out of our minds. But if you don’t believe us on this, you need to once check it out by yourself. If you check out our website, you will find many games and tasks which will hardly take your 2 minutes, but in every task.

You will earn many points, and those points will make you earn the gift cards without any issue. You will gain an unlimited gift card by using the points.

staples Card

General Questions

The Staples is a company and a retail store which only deals in office supplies like their furniture and other essential items needed in an office. Everything you need in an office will be given by Staples, and you can buy it by yourself through the store. They have many retail stores in many countries, including the USA.

Now when you want to buy your office supplies, you can use the gift card, and by using our gift card, you will be able to buy the office supplies without using your real money, but the amount should be less than the amount you have in your gift card.


For buying the office furniture, you will have to keep a big budget because such things are costly. But if you don’t want to keep the budget big, you can use the gift card and save yourself from spending a big amount.


The validity will be given in the gift card itself. You can check the gift card and the details mentioned there. But if nothing is given, you can assume to use it within a year only, and you must use it before the year ends.


To redeem the gift card, you first have to find the store near you. If you have found the store, you can finally select the items you want to buy, and after selecting it, you can then use the gift card so that the balance of the gift card will be your mode of payment.


The amount of Staples gift card may vary according to the points you have invested while redeeming the gift card from us. If you spend a larger amount of points, then you will be able to redeem the more significant amount of Staples gift card.

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