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What is a Spotify gift card?

Spotify gift card is a gift card that can be used in your Spotify app. If you want to listen to music and you are totally out of money, then you can always use those Spotify gift cards as these gift cards will for sure help you in many things.

If you want to gift it to someone, then also you can gift it as these gift cards are made for gifting purposes, and you do not have to share anything else apart from the card, which shows that it has enough security as well.

How to earn free Spotify gift card using CouponPrizes?

Who doesn’t like saving money? We all do. And listening to music is also something we all like.

So if you use Spotify gift cards instead of paying in money, you will save some money. And for this, you can easily play some games with us and complete some surveys which will be easy and these easy things will help you in earning the points which you can redeem later for the gift card you like.

There will be many such gift cards available on our website which can be redeemed.

spotify Card

General Questions

Spotify is a great application made for music. People who are music freak will know how important this app is for them. The app is very old and is serving in many countries successfully. The app has recently come in many more countries, such as India, as well.

For using the Spotify gift card, you have first to download their app, and in the app, you will see that the app is not free of cost which means that for listening to the music, you need to pay for their subscription and that’s where you can use the gift card.


The Spotify app will ask for their subscription, where you need to pay a heavy amount to them every month according to the duration of your subscription. However, if you use the gift card, you will be able to save a lot of money.


The validity of the gift card will depend on the card, and you will see the validity mentioned there very clearly. You can check it and use it before it ends.


To redeem the gift card, you need first to download their app and make an account that can be made free of cost. After you make the account, you will go to the account management, and in settings, you will see the payment option where you have to write the code you have given, and the code will easily get the balance added in the account.


The amount of Spotify gift card will depend on the number of points you had given when you redeemed the gift card. All the details will be mentioned there clearly.

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