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What is a Skype gift card?

Skype gift card is a digital card that is used to make the payment in your Skype account so that you can get the subscription and make the international calls and use Skype for meetings and other such work without any hassle. It is very easy and safe as you do not have to use your credit card details or any other details here.

Skype is best for making the calls and especially the international calls, and if you do not want to pay that high global rate, then you can use the Skype services and use the gift card for paying in it.

How to earn free Skype gift card using CouponPrizes?

If you are wondering how can you earn free Skype gift cards via our website, then you need to look at the process once, and you will understand how to do that.

You have to make an account on our site and start login in it every day.

Apart from this, you will see many tasks and games which you have to complete without any fail. If you complete those tasks, you will be able to earn the free Skype gift cards through points.

skype Card

General Questions

Skype is an app where you can make direct voice and video calls between computers, laptops, mobile, smartwatches, Xbox one console, and tablets. Between any such devices, you can make Skype calls, and for making the call, you only need a Skype account, which is free of cost to make. The company is a telecommunications company running for many years.

If you want to use a Skype gift card, then you must own one Skype account, which is free of cost to make. If you have an account and you have business use of the account, then you can use this gift card and buy the membership through which you can make unlimited Skype calls, which will be free.


If you are not a frequent user of Skype, then you should know that Skype has two versions of it. One is free, and the other one is paid one. You have to use the paid version for making the unlimited international video and voice calls. And for this, you will have to pay the price of their membership.


Skype comes with validity, and if you are using a Skype gift card, the validity will come along the card. You can know the validity and use it before it expires.


To redeem a Skype gift card, you have to make an account first and in that account, you have to tap on the payment option and when you reach to the payment option, you simply need to write the code you have received and the code will make sure to get the balance in your Skype account.


The amount of Skype gift card will be the same as the one you have chosen at the time of redemption of the card, and it will also depend on the number of points you have given for buying that particular gift card of the amount.

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