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What is the IMVU gift card?

IMVU is the game as you all know, you have to pay to play the game. There are many options to pay, such as using your credit card or debit card details or pay through any digital wallet.

If you do not have access to any such payment method, you can use the IMVU gift card through which you can pay the amount and play the game.

You must be having the gift card, which will consist of some credits, and by using that credit, you can play the game.

How to earn free IMVU gift card using CouponPrizes?

To earn free IMVU gift card, you must sign up with our website. You can play the games and complete other tasks that will be completing a survey, give a review, play a game, download an app, and keep it for long and do other microtasks.

You can also log in every day to get more points. By doing that, you can earn as many points as you want, and the number of points will help you in redeeming the gift card you want. It is easy and very safe.

imvu Card

General Questions

IMVU is a website where the users can easily meet new people and make their 3D avatars and can chat with each other and play different games as well. You can also assume it as a social networking virtual world game, and people above 13 years old can play the game. Users can also purchase different products and clothing and customize everything according to you. Indeed, it is a fun game.

For using the IMVU gift card, you have to play the game IMVU. There are so many games available in IMVU which you can personalize and play according to you. You also can customize the items and things surrounding you, and for this, you have to use the money to purchase it. You can easily use the gift card and buy things that will make the game fun.


If you do not use the IMVU gift card, then you have to pay your own money to pay for the game and by the things which will not take less than $10 at least. Hence, you should instead use the gift card earned, which will make the game better and save a lot of money.


The validity of the IMVU gift card will come within the gift card code. You can usually use it until some months or a single year according to the card and the date you have earned the card.


For redeeming the IMVU gift card, you have to first click on the accounts and go to the payment option. In the alternative, you will see the option called enter a gift card where you have to enter the gift card code, and by doing that, you will be able to get the balance in your account.


You can earn points, and by those points, you can earn the gift card. How much amount your IMVU gift card has will depend on the points you have used to redeem that card, and the value will depend on it.

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