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What is the eBay gift card?

People use online shopping sites these days, and for this, they have to either use a net banking option or some other option, which is a prepaid payment.

If you do not have any access to these payment methods, you can use the eBay gift card method. This method is very easy, and for making the online payments easy, you can use the eBay gift card method in one click. It is easy, simple, and can be done within few minutes. You can make the payment, and this is a digital form of a card that will have some amount that can be used.

How to earn free eBay gift cards using CouponPrizes?

You must be wondering how can you earn some free eBay gift cards via our website. But for that, you have to spend some time on our website.

The task is not very difficult, and we do not have only one task but multiple. You can play different games on our website.

You can also complete our surveys and complete other tasks. These tasks are easy and can be done in few minutes only. You can spend a few minutes a day, and by doing that, you will be earning a good amount.

eBay Card

General Questions

eBay is a website which is an e-commerce company based in San Jose, California. The company is running for 23 years, and they deal in both B2C and C2C, business to consumer and consumer to consumer sale. If you check out their website or their app, you can see that there are more than 1 million products listed on the website, which is open for all. Anyone can buy those products, and their categories are more than 10,000.

For using the eBay gift card, you have to buy something on their website and do not worry as there are more than 10000 products listed from different category and you can buy anything and everything from the site. Be it clothes, electronics, groceries, and other household items, everything is available on the website, and the cost is also not much. You can use the eBay gift card as the payment method of any of these things.


Since there are so many products available on eBay, the price varies. You can not decide on a fixed price for everything or the budget. There are so many products of different prices available on the website, and if you are looking to buy a single product, the price will be given, and you have to pay that much amount if you are not using the eBay gift card as a payment method for the product.


The validity of your eBay gift card will depend on the date on which you get the card. The validity will be written there, but do not worry as the time you will get will be enough to use the card.


For redeeming the eBay gift card, you have to first make an account on eBay and go to their settings. You can see the payment method and add the gift card code in the given box so that the balance will be redeemed, and you can check the balance will be shown in your account, and whenever you make a purchase, the balance will be deducted.


The amount you get in the eBay gift card will depend on the points you have used in redeeming the gift card. In our website CouponPrizes, there will be a different amount of gift card available, and you have to earn points and choose the amount of gift card you want to select.

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