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What is an Apple gift card?

Apple is a big company known worldwide. Be it in European countries or an Asian one; you can easily find one apple store without any hassle.

The company is not just known for its products, but it is a brand name. They have made the brand which is ruling the phone industry for years and buying it on the Apple Store, and you can use the digital gift card, which is known as an Apple gift card.

The card will be used as a payment method without any issue. Anyone can use this gift card and purchase any Apple product through the card.

How to earn free Apple gift card using CouponPrizes?

Apple is a brand name known for years, and people are crazy about the products, but they are costly.

Hence, if you earn a free Apple gift card, it would be much easier for you to get a discount on the product cost, or if you are lucky and hardworking, you can get the product is free of charge too.

For this, you need to play games with us, download the apps we offer, make sure to complete our tasks, come to our website every day and check it so that you don’t miss any points which will make you earn the gift card in good amount.

apple Card

General Questions

Apple is a big company in the technology genre which is known for its products, which are totally out of the box. The company is an American multinational company which is based out of Cupertino, California. If we talk about their services, you will be glad to know that they sell everything from software to products and gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

If you are thinking, how can you use your Apple gift card, then you only need to have a desire to buy any of Apple’s products? If you are interested in buying it, then you can use the Apple gift card there, and by using the gift card, you will get a good discount, or you get the product for free of cost. You can use the Apple gift card in buying any product only as the gift card is only available for those products, but even if you buy an earphone, you will, for sure, save a lot of money.


If we talk about how much benefit you will get, if you use the Apple gift card, then you need to relax as Apple products generally cost you a bomb. They are highly expensive, and people die to buy them. E.g., if you are interested in purchasing an iPhone series phone, Macbook laptop, or their software, you will have to pay a lot, but if you use a gift card, you will save a lot of money very easily.


Apple gift card validity comes in different dates. You have to earn the gift card first, and then our team will send you the gift card code in an email, and if you check that carefully, you will check that you will get a validity period within the code which can be used and by checking the validity, you must ensure that you have to use it before the validity period so that you can use it.


For redeeming the gift card, you can visit the Apple store website, and by visiting the store online, you can add a product to your cart and when you checkout, you will see one option called use gift card where you have to enter your unique gift card code, and by entering the gift card code, you will be able to use the balance which will be adjusted in your final cost. If the balance is good enough, you will get the product at a low price or for free.


Apple gift cards will be available on our website CouponPrizes, and on our site, you will be able to see a different amount of gift card available, which you can earn by using your points. The more points you earn, the more significant the amount you get.

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