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What is the Airbnb gift card?

Are you all looking to get some free Airbnb gift card? If you are someone new in it, let us tell you that if you have an Airbnb gift card, you can easily use it while making the payment for your Airbnb bookings.

Once you make the booking done using the gift card, you will get the discount available in the gift card, and only the rest of the amount will be payable. It is a digital gift card which will consist of some amount, and by using that amount, you can get some amazing discounts on your booking.

How to earn free Airbnb gift card using CouponPrizes?

Airbnb gift cards are the purchasable item. You can purchase it from their official store using real money.

However, we all want free things, and that is the reason we are here to share with you the free Airbnb gift card by only playing some easy yet exciting games.

Yes, you can play as many games as you want on our website and complete our different list of tasks.

By completing those tasks, you will be getting the reward, and it will be in the form of points which later on can be redeemed as your Airbnb gift card.

airbnb Card

General Questions

Airbnb is an online place where anyone can rent out their properties. Be it your house or your farmhouse; you can rent it on Airbnb. Apart from the houses, if you have a room in your home, you can put it on Airbnb. Their service is available in around 191 countries and 34,000 cities.

Using the Airbnb gift card is an easy thing to do. All you need is first a unique and unused Airbnb gift card. If you have it, use the unique code of the card in your purchase, and by adding it, you will be able to receive the discount the card contains. You can use it anytime and in any purchase, but the only condition is that it should be unused.


The costing of Airbnb will depend on the city you are choosing, the property you are renting, the number of services you are asking for, plus the duration. These things will affect your pricing. However, to give you some basics, they will charge 6% to 12% of their customers and 3% from the hotels.


The validity of the Airbnb gift card will vary on the date you have redeemed the card from us. Every card comes with validity. But to know more about the validity, you will need to earn the card first, and once you earn it from us, you will be able to know about it, which will be written clearly.


For redeeming the AirBnB gift card, you must own an account in the Airbnb app or website. You can make the account free of cost. After making the account, you need to go to the accounts and choose the option of a gift card. You can enter the unique code there, and the price will be redeemed.


It will purely depend on the activity you do on our website. If you are looking for a big amount of cards, then you must have a good time on our website and earn points. By using the points, you can redeem the gift card, and you have to remember that as many points you earn and spend, the larger the amount of gift card you get.

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